BBTitans: “Ipeleng Is Washing Lukay’s Boxers And Pants” – Female Housemates Gossip


Ipeleng and Lukay have grown to like each other, and some female housemates have been seen gossiping about them, including Nana, Jenny O, Olivia, and Yvonne.

Ipeleng and Lukay’s friendship is causing consternation in the house because they are frequently seen together, attracting either positive or negative gossip about them.


Yvonne, Ipeleng, Nana, and Jenny O were recently seen conversing, and their topic of conversation was Ipeleng.

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They claim that Ipeleng’s love for Lukay has caused her to misbehave to the point where she now washes his boxers. They laughed mockingly as soon as they said it.

Ipeleng and Lukay recently kissed, which indicates that they like each other. Jenny O and Theo got into a fight earlier today, and she called him a clown.

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