“I Was Threatened Of My Championship” – Big Brother Africa Runner-up, Tayo Faniran

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Amazingly, Tayo Faniran on Monday has spoken up about the facts revolving around his ordeals claiming membership with the Big Brother Africa TV show.

The prodigious Reality TV show and a distinguished actor for that matter, alarmed that he was threatened by the show’s organizer while he was trying to publicly clarified his concerns after the show’s finale, some seven years ago.

In his non-brief observation on Instagram, which commenced frankly on Sunday, the actor had demanded explanations from the organizer, wanting to know the mystery behind the results.

Tayo Faniran

In the recent Instagram post, he said, “I was threatened to shut up, I have names and events, they bought the media to hide my real cry at my homecoming press conference and projected nonsense. On NTA, the next morning, I began to praise the same people who conspired against me. Why? Because I have been made known that it’d seemed the only way for them not to make me be forgotten.”

The Big Brother Africa season 9 which claimed popularity in the year 2014, and obviously the last season show, got the Tanzania actor, Idris Sultan emerging as the winner, while Faniran reached the runner-up.

“When I wake up, and they need to tell me what really happened to me on the finale stage of Big Brother Africa. Because, I believe my reputation in the industry is being threatened, I just needed proofs and explanations. Somehow, for the past 7 years, all I hear everyday was that I got robbed winning the prize. My pain or loss tonight didn’t started today, but I decided to speak up on them because since I’ve been shut up to fight back then.” He wrote

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However, seven years later, Faniran wanted to addressed the acclaimed rumours which reached his hearing of him being robbed of his winning the prize, but only for him to be threatened.

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