“How I Struggled With P*rnography, Promiscuity, And How God Saved Me” – Banky W

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Popular Nigerian singer and actor, Banky W, admits to struggling with p*rnography and promiscuity.

He said this while encouraging youths and young adults to accept Christ as their Lord and personal saviour.

He revealed that he felt empty without Christ even though he had been a successful artist.

In a recent interview with “The Visibility Lunch Hour,” revealing how God rescued him, he said,

Banky W

“In the eyes of the world, I was a successful artist, but I still felt empty and wretched.”

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“There were things I was struggling with on a personal basis. Everything from promiscuity to pornography are real things that people struggle with on a personal basis.”

“It got to a stage where you feel you’re in bondage and so you’re just stuck in this place of feeling far from God, feeling separated from God. I feel that I have made a little bit of money, but I’m still not happy. ”

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“I’m grateful for the small success I have experienced in music, in film, and in other ventures. But there is what I like to call a God-shaped void inside every man. Until you start to fill that void with God, you’ll find that you will come up short regardless of what success you have or how successful or happy you may seem in the eyes of the world.”

“There is an emptiness you feel when you are disconnected from that source. It’s a purpose thing, not a pay thing. It’s a meaning thing, not about money. That is why you see some of these billionaires pass away on their own account” Banky W added.

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