BBTitans: “I see Ipeleng as a wife and yvonne as a lûsty slay queen” – Juicy Jay

Juicy Jay

Juicy Jay and his colleague Khosi had a brief conversation about the housemate who piqued their interest the first time they walked into Big Brother‘s house, and Juicy Jay told her that Ipeleng was the first girl who piqued his interest because she is special and unique.

He went on to tell Khosi that Ipeleng’s appearance is captivating, that there’s something about her that he finds attractive, and that he considers her to be a good lady.

Juicy Jay

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Khosi was taken aback by his response because she had assumed Juicy Jay would have mentioned Yvonne’s name because they were frequently seen together in the house.

Juicy Jay told Khosi that when he sees Ipeleng, he sees a wife and girlfriend, but when he sees Yvonne, he sees a slay queen. He went on to say that he chose Yvonne because she is attractive and will be fun to smash, and Yvonne is a lusty type of lady.

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