Housewife Kills Housegirl In Lagos, Hangs Her To Make It Look Like Suicide

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In Lagos, a housewife kills her housegirl and hangs her to make it appear as if she committed suicide.

A housewife, Mrs. Nene Fortune Stephens, who lives at number 18 Ogundola Street, Bariga, Lagos, is currently at the police station for the murder of her housegirl.

It was said that she had tortured her maid, who was identified as Miss Joy Akom Adole from Benue state, to death over an argument about salary arrears and stealing Indomie noodles.


While torturing her, the housegirl died. Realising she had killed her, the housewife went to her husband for help, and the two of them hung the poor girl, trying to make it look like she had committed suicide.

They went to the police station and made the claim that the young girl had committed suicide.

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The housegirl’s relatives, who were aware of how the housewife always treated her, raised an alarm to the police, and the police investigation showed that it was an inded murder.

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Joy Akom Adole had numerous bodily wounds. The autopsy report later showed that she was hung after she had died.

Her husband, who was an accomplice, was also arrested. Mr. and Mrs. Stephens will soon be charged in court.

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