First Class King In Ogbomoso Land Has Died, People March To Ogbomoso Palace To Pray

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King of the First Class In Ogbomoso land, in Oyo State, the Soun of the yoruba land, Jimoh Oladunni Oyewumi, has died.

Jimoh Oladunni Oyewumi died at the age of 95 on today, the 12th of December, 2021.

The first class king is the 20th Soun of the yoruba land, and he became the 20th Soun king in the year 1973.

First Class King In Ogbomoso Land Has Died

After the monarch joined his ancestor, some of the people who visited the palace included the former Governor of Oyo State, Otunba Alao Akala.

Both Christian and Muslim clerics came to the palace to pray for him and the yoruba town.

They prayed that, as Jimoh Oladunni Oyewumi died, the yoruba land would not perish.

Bishop Titus Babatunde Olayinka, who was also among the people who led the prayers in the Soun palace, said that everyone would feel the absence of the king.

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“Nobody can say that this man did not rule well. The war that he fought and everything that he did for the town showed that he fought and won battles.”

“The King was a Muslim, but we Christians will always come to his palace to pray for him,” Bishop Olayinka said.

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