FG Uncovers 96 People Who Finance Terrorism Organisations In Nigeria

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The Nigeria government said they have investigated and uncovered 96 people who financed terrorism organizations like Boko Haram and Islamic State of West Africa Province in the country.

Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Muhammed, told reporters this to reporters today in Abuja, where he mentioned what the federal government has done to fight corruption.

He said the Nigerian Financial Intelligence Unit (NFIU) in 2020–2021 revealed 96 financiers of terrorism and 424 of their associates and supporters, and 123 companies and 33 bureaus de change are also involved in the terrorism situation.

Terrorism financing

He added that the federal government had identified 26 suspected bandits and 7 co-conspirators and had arrested 4 suspects who would soon face prosecution and their assets would be seized by the government.

Lai Mohammed said that the federal government has put many measures on the ground to check terrorism financing in Nigeria and that the linking of BVN and National Identification Numbers is part of their efforts to fight terror financing.

He also added that the NFIU has intelligence exchanges with Boko Haram, banditry, ISWAP, kidnapping and others within 19 countries and that during the same period, 2020–2021, the organization returned stolen money totaling approximately US $103,722,102.83, 3,000 pounds sterling, 7,695 Singapore dollars and 1,091 euros to 11 countries of victims who came into Nigeria.

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He also talked about other programmes that the federal government has put in place since Buhari started fighting corruption.

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Terrorism in Nigeria – statistics & facts

He said even though they launched the TSA in 2021, it was not effective until President Buhari encouraged it and that 90 percent of government offices had implemented it.

Lai Mohammed said the whistle blower policy has also yielded good results since the federal Ministry of Finance, Budget and National Planning launched it and that the information that they have given to NFIU, EFCC and ICPC

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He also talked about the petroleum industry Act, which has helped reform Nigeria’s oil sector.

He said the executive order that the federal government granted to the state Houses of Assembly and local governments has really helped as a lack of funds for the local government has been driving terrorism.

He said the ICPC also plays a very important role in the structural changes in the operation of the government.

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Lai said the Buhari government is committed to the fight against corruption and that all Nigerians have to join hands to make sure that Nigeria wins the war against corruption.

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