Father Of The Boy Who Died In Dowen College, Reveals What Really Caused The Death Of His Son

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The father of Sylvester Oromoni, the 12-year-old boy who died after they allegedly beat him in school because he did not join a cult, reacted to a claim that said his son died from a football injury.

Dowen College had claimed earlier that the young student was injured when he was playing football, which made them call his parents to pick him up from school for further medical treatment at the hospital.

In an interview with news reporters, The Cable, his father said before the death of his son that his son revealed that he did not play football or fall down as the school claimed.

Father Of Boy Who Allegedly Died Because He Didn't Join Cult, Reveals What Really Caused The Death Of His Son

His father allegedly said that Sylvester said a group of five boys entered his room, put off his room light, and beat him up in the presence of other students in the room because he did not join the cult.

His father revealed that this is not the first time they have bullied him in school and that they have reported it to the school authorities several times.

Reports say that Sylvester died in a hospital where they were treating him.

His father told The Cable, “I found out about the new incident on the 21st of November after the school called my wife to tell us that our son was in the school clinic, injured and receiving minor treatment.”

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My senior son, who wanted to travel to London, came to see us in Warri. The next day, we sent our family friend to pick up our son since he is the only person in Lagos state and took him to the hospital for treatment. ” His father revealed

When he reached there, he panicked and pointed out that he doubted that it was a football injury as the school earlier claimed. He said, “Sylvester could not stand because his waist was broken and swollen and one side of his belly was swollen.” He added,

“His mouth was black and swollen, and I asked if it was really a football injury. They carried him home from Lagos, but I was not fit to sleep for the night.”

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“When I asked my eldest to fly to Lagos on November 24, he screamed when he reached there, saying his situation was worse than a football injury, and that I should come to Lagos.” He stated.

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