Facebook Changes Their Name To ‘Meta’

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The Facebook company has changed its corporate name to “Meta” as part of a major rebrand.

The social media company said it would be better to “encompasse” what it does, as the company is now focusing on areas beyond social media, like virtual reality.

The new development does not apply to their social media platforms, like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Only the company’s name has been changed.

Facebook changes name to Meta

The new development follows a series of negative stories about Facebook, based on documents which were leaked by their former employee, Frances Haugen.

The CEO and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, was the one who announced the news of their new name.

He announced the news after the company revealed plans to build a metaverse, an online world where people would play games, communicate and work in a virtual environment with the use of special headsets called VR headsets.

More at NewsPlanet Nigeria

“Over time, I hope that they see us as a metaverse company and I want to anchor our work and our identity on what we are building towards,” Mark Zuckerberg said in a virtual conference.

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