Ghanaian Actress, Efia Odo And Ghanaians React To Compulsory Vaccination Of Citizens In Airports

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Some Ghanaians are talking about the government, saying they would have shunned the mandatory vaccination of citizens who go to the airport without vaccination.

This came after the country’s health officials released the new COVID-19 protocol, which was made compulsory for unvaccinated citizens who arrive at or go to Kotoka International Airport.

This latest development by the government was done because the country detected over 40 new cases of the new coronavirus variant, Omicron, most of which were entering Ghana through the country’s airports.

Yesterday, over a hundred citizens who arrived in the country took compulsory Johnson and Johnson shots.

Ghanaian Actress, Efia Odo And Ghanaians React To Compulsory Vaccination Of Citizens In Airports

But some citizens pushed back on the directive, and actress and social influencer, Efia Odo, was among them.

Efia Odo was one of the people who were against compulsory vaccination.

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The actress said that taking the vaccine is a personal choice instead of the government forcing them to take it unwillingly.

The actress shared a post on her official Twitter, saying that because of the new directive, she would be stuck in Ghana because she is not ready to take the compulsory jabs.

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“Malaria killed more people than COVID-19 (approximately 20,000 people yearly), but they did not force us to take the vaccine. Taking the vaccine is a personal choice. It is supposed to be a mandatory decision. It is like I will be stuck in Ghana. Because I will not take any disapproved vaccines, “the actress wrote.”

The country’s health officials have already started to vaccinate Ghanaians who are entering the country without vaccination.

However, the majority of the country’s politicians raised human rights arguments against the latest development, which the government said would continue for the next 14 days.

The Communication Officer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Sammy Gyamfi, raised legal arguments against the development.

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He stated that an Article of the 1992 Constitution demands that the Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary

Government agencies should respect the fundamental human rights and freedoms of citizens.

And should guarantee all persons’ freedom of movement, which means that all persons have the right to move freely in the west African country, as well as the right to enter and leave the country when they are not subject to expulsion.

Because of the article in the 1992 Constitution, the government should not have limited the freedom of movement of the people.

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