BBTitans: Ebubu And Tsatsii Won The HoH Task

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Big Brother directed all housemates to the arena room for their Head of House task, and they did so. Big Brother informed Kanaga and his partner Blue Avia that they will not be participating in the HOH task tonight.

Big Brother informed all Titans that any incumbent Head of House would not be allowed to participate in the next Head of House task unless Big Brother changes his mind.


The head of the house game consists of various challenges. Yvonne and others were disqualified after the first round of the game for failing to follow Big Brother’s instructions.

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Ebubu and his partner, as well as Yaya and her partner, advanced to the game’s final round. Tsatsii and Yaya chose to play the final round, and Yaya and they were asked to correctly arrange the numbers. Big Brother summoned both partners to examine how they had set it up.

Tsatsii correctly arranged the numbers and thus won the Head of House task for this week.

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