How A Corpse Disappeared From The Mortuary On The Day Of Burial In Ebonyi State

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The family of the late Mrs. Grace Orji Okoro were in shock and confusion on the day she was supposed to be buried after they found out that her dead body was missing in the mortuary in Ebonyi State.

The family had deposited the body of the late Madam Grace in the General Hospital Mortuary Owutu Edda in Afikpo South local government area after she died on July 2nd, 2021 at age 80.

They went to take her body to the mortuary and discovered that her body was no longer there.

Receipt From The Mortuary
Receipt From The Mortuary

One of the daughters of the late woman described this as an unbelievable event. Her family and other people who attended her burial waited for her body to arrive from the mortuary before being told that her body was not found in the mortuary.

If not for the fact that I tried to calm them down, they would have gone out of control. It is embarrassing. It is like a dirty slap in my face. I couldn’t believe it.

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“When we went to the mortuary to pick up my mother’s body, we saw another woman who had been substituted for her.They dressed her up, but we discovered that she was not my mother.”

“My mother has long hair, but the woman’s hair was short. We asked them where our mother was. The mortuary attendant said she was my mother because the dead body had been there for six months. That was why her face changed.”

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“Before that, anytime my sister checked on my mother’s body, they would tell her that they used chemicals and she should come the next day. This happened like three or four times. My niece went there and the same thing happened.”

“A day before the burial, when they went there to give them what she would wear, they said they should come the next day to take my mother’s body, they used chemicals on her. To my greatest surprise, it was not my mother’s body. It is unbelievable. We cannot believe it. ” She said

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