Comedian AY Threatens To Sue Julius Agwu


Ayodeji Makun, popularly known as AY, a popular Nigerian comedian, has threatened to sue colleague Julius Agwu over the accusation that he hung up the phone on him.

Remember how Julius Agwu weighed in on the ongoing feud between his colleagues, Ayodeji Makun, aka AY, and Bright Okpocha, aka Basketmouth?

During an interview with Naija FM, Julius Agwu suggested that there was more to Basketmouth and AY’s feud than the sour N30,000 business transaction.

Ay and julius agwu

Agwu recalls calling AY to request a rescheduling of his yearly Easter Sunday comedy show because it clashed with his event on the same day.

Agwu, on the other hand, claimed that AY refused and hung up on him.

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He stated;

”Laugh for Christ’s sake was every Easter Sunday before AY began to do promo saying he was doing one show. I called AY, telling him that day is my day, and he cut the call on my neck.”

In a lengthy post on his Instagram page, AY responded to the allegation by providing proof that he did not take over his Easter Sunday concert, noting how the truth remains the only ultimate power to downplay all the lies in a place where the internet never forgets.

AY stated;

“The truth remains the only ultimate power to downplay all lies in a place where the INTERNET NEVER FORGETS. Dear senior colleague Julius Agwu, how is it possible to lay claims to the fact that I took over your Easter Sunday date?

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”Here we are with this libellous video that will not be tolerated. Should this continue without any proof of your claims of me bewitching you, I will be filing a slanderous lawsuit against you for consistently trying to damage my reputation. Projecting peace across boards does not make me a weakling. Neither am I seeking unnecessary friendship.”

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