CNN Sacks Celebrity Reporter, Chris Cuomo, Reveals Why

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The international media company, CNN, has sacked one of their celebrity presenters, Chris Cuomo, because he helped his brother, former Governor of New York City, Andrew Cuomo, as he is battling harassment allegations.

This development came after the media company revealed that reports said that their reporter, Chris Cuomo, was involved in his elder brother’s case, as he was defending him.

Andrew Cuomo resigned in August 2021 after lawyers said he harrassed his staff.

More at NewsPlanet Nigeria

The celebrity reporter released a statement in which he said he was disappointed as that’s not how he wanted to stop working with the media company.

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The media company also released a statement saying that they hired a law firm to investigate the efforts that Chris Cuomo made to help his elder brother, who is a politician, fight the accusations of sexual harassment.

CNN Sacks Celebrity Reporter, Chris Cuomo, Reveals Why

But as they are still investigating, Because of a new informatics contract, the media company terminated Chris Cuomo’s contract effectively and immediately.

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