BBTitans: ” I give you 5 hours to choose between me or Blue Aiva” – Khosi Tells Yemi

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In Big Brother‘s house, Khosi and Yemi had an intense discussion about their relationship and friendship. Khosi and Yemi appear dissatisfied with their friendship, and Khosi told Yemi that he must choose between her and Blue Aiva because his attention appears to be divided.

Khosi gave Yemi 5 hours to think about it and respond to the question she posed to him. Yemi responded by calling her a liar for not answering such a question. Khosi obviously wants to know who Yemi prefers, which is why she chose to ask him that question.

BBTitans: " I give you 5 hours to choose between me or Blue Aiva" - Khosi Tells Yemi

Yemi refused to answer because he is also dissatisfied with Khosi.

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Yemi told Marvin that Khosi is flirting with Thabang and that she does not want him to mingle with the other ladies in the house. Kanaga has returned to the house, and his colleagues greeted him warmly.

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