BBTitans: “My Eviction Was Unfair” – Yaya Says In An Interview

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Yaya, an ex-BBTitans housemate, has spoken out about her time in the house, claiming that her eviction with her partner, Marvin, was unfair.

After leaving the house, the South African ex-housemate revealed her feelings in a chat.


She stated, “No I don’t think it was fair, I thought we still had like a good two weeks in the house before we got evicted.”

She did, however, admit that she enjoyed the company of people from different cultures and countries. “The clash of cultures in one place; we really enjoyed being in each other’s company.

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I was having the time of my life. It was a fantastic experience for me, and I would do it again in a heartbeat. “I believe everyone should go at least once in their lives,” Yaya said.

The ex-housemate also stated that she would not change anything about her partner.

In her own words,

“I personally don’t think so, Marvin was like my anchor, he held me to the ground. I did not have a game plan of winning the show; I was just happy to be there. Having Marvin as my partner made the journey a lot easier for me because he would just lead and I follow his notion.”

Marvin also revealed that his relationship with partner Yaya began with flirtations.

In an interview following his eviction from the show, he stated, “For Yaya, it was a beautiful connection, coming to the house it was as though we connected immediately. It started off with little flirtations, despite having a good connection and the emotions being there. I was still unsure if it was a game or just a strategy she was playing on me.”

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