BBTitans: Housemates Overwhelmed After Biggie Called Off Eviction

BBTitans: Housemates overwhelmed after Biggie calls off eviction

The BBTitans‘ housemates were nervous and worried as they awaited the eviction on Sunday. But Biggie had a surprise for them.

After a tense week of stress and phony nominations, they were relieved to learn that they were all safe.

Despite their tears and concerns to Biggie about who might be sent home, the Royals and Justin were overjoyed to learn that it was an eviction-free week.

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Lawrence, the South African co-host, revealed this after questioning the housemates extensively.

BBTitans: Housemates overwhelmed after Biggie calls off eviction

They all breathed a sigh of relief and smiled as they hugged each other. Nonetheless, they were advised to stay focused on the game over the next week.

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