“Bandits Tied My Hands And Made Me Watch As They Killed My Six Children One By One ” – Hausa Man Reveals

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A 75-year-old man identified as Mallam Yahaya Mota Nakuna, watched as gunmen killed his children, one after the other, during an attack by bandits on Nakuna and Wurukuchi communities in Shiroro Local Government Area today.

The man spoke to The Nation and said that they had all gone to the farm today without being harmed or robbed on the way.

He explained that it was the harvesting period, so they went to the farm from their home to harvest, only for the bandits to come to the farm and ask if they knew where the vigilantes who had operated in the area were staying, but they told the gunmen that they did not see anyone.

More at NewsPlanet Nigeria

“We did not know their exact mission because when they asked us where the vigilantes that operated in the area stayed, we answered them honestly.”

“If we knew what the bandits were on the farm for, we would have taken to our heels when they arrived.” He said.

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Over 30 Killed By Fleeing Bandits In Niger State

“At least that was what we had been doing to keep safe these past years.” He added

Bandits attack in niger state

Mallam Yahaya Mota Nakuna said that he was on the farm with his six children and four others who assisted them in harvesting the farm, saying that he was the only one who was spared among them.

He said that the gunmen tied his hands and made him watch as his children were being killed without mercy.

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