Nigeria Actors Guild Suspends Actress Nneoma Ukpabi Over Fraud Allegation

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Imo state AGN Chairman, actress Nneoma Ukpabi, has been suspended by the Actors Guild of Nigeria.

This comes after the young upcoming actress was accused of stealing N400,000 from her in order to register as an actor.

Nneoma Ukpabi also claimed that the actress subjected her to various forms of assault, torture, and maltreatment.

Nneoma Ukpabi

In response to the incident, AGN president Emeka Rollas announced the actress’s immediate suspension in an Instagram post while an investigation into the allegations is conducted.

He did, however, summon Nneoma to the disciplinary committee to defend herself against the allegations.

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According to the president’s letter; “I got this report on how this lady was treated, I followed the matter up through the Delta State chairman to draw a conclusion that the boys were complicit with Nneoma on this matter. No new member or any human deserves to be treated in this manner.

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We have just suspended Nneoma Ukpabi indefinitely until she and her accomplices are brought to book and she clears herself before the National Disciplinary committee,” he wrote.

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