74-Year-Old Kogi Man Marries For The First Time

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A 74-Year-Old man named Mallam Muhammad Awal marries for the first time

Mallam Muhammad Awal told journalists that he waited this long because a lack of financial resources discouraged him from approaching a woman for marriage.

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He said;

“I have always been afraid I might fail in my duty of care to a spouse if I married and it is something I fear and don’t want to joke with. I am also afraid of separation from my spouse.

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I know if I fail to take care of her, she might either leave me or cheat on me with another man, which I would not like. So, to avoid all of that, I dismissed the idea of marriage altogether. But now, Allah has made this a reality.

Kogi man
More at NewsPlanet Nigeria

Many of them looked down on me, mostly because of my financial status. But I thank God it is in the past”.

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