27 People Die After Fire Outbreak In Osaka, Japan

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In Japan, 27 people died after a fire outbreak in a building in Osaka.

The police are investigating whether the outbreak was an accident or was intentionally started by someone.

Osaka and international reports say that the victims suffered cardiopulmonary arrest before they were officially confirmed dead.

Reports say that all of those who died were in a psychiatric clinic on the fourth floor of the building, which was located in an entertainment and busy commercial district.

27 People Die After Fire Outbreak In Osaka, Japan

An eyewitness in Osaka said she saw a woman inside the building calling for help.

When I looked outside, I saw an orange fire in the fourth-floor window,” she said, “A woman was waving her hands, calling for help from the sixth floor of the building.”

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The fire fighters used ladders to evacuate some of the people from the building. They were able to put out the fire that had reportedly happened in the psychiatric clinic within 30 minutes.

The local fire department revealed that they successfully put out the fire within 30 minutes, after it burned an area of about 20 sq m (215 sq ft).

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They did not reveal any other damage to the other floors of the building or any neighbouring properties.

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